The Wet Mariners made their annual pilgrimage to the Willow on the last week of July to play their six man Tempest to a packed house

Backstory Tempest.jpg

Alonso Mariners.jpg

Antonio Mariners.jpg

Fetch in more wood.jpg

Ban ban Mariners.jpg

End of Tempest.jpg


31st July we hosted the Everyman Youth Theatre with Twelfth Night. Here's the cast with the Lord Lieutenant of Powys

Lord Lieutenant and EYT.jpg

And their wonderful Feste Team

Festes EYT.jpg

The Factory Macbeth 8th July was a sell-out

Not enough seats.jpg

with a 'local' Porter

Mel's Porter.jpg

and Scott needing a 'little help from' his friends

Macbeth and audience.jpg

Maddy's Malcolm reels at Scone

Dancing Malcolm.jpg

and here's Marek's review of the show Marek's Macbeth review.pdf

Henry V played Broneirion on the 15th June

Bron HV end.jpg


having played The Willow during the weekend of May 19th, 20th, 21st

MacMorrish and Jamy.jpg


V Sign.jpg





Touch of Harry in the Night.jpg