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Welcome to Autumn in Radnorshire!


                                                     'The oaks bear mast, the briars scarlet hips,

                                                      The bounteous housewife Nature on each bush

                                                      Lays her full mess before you. Want! Why want?'       Timon Act 4 sc iii


And it really does seem to be one of those 'Mast Years' with the oaks dropping hundreds and hundreds of acorns. We're starting some two hundred in a sealed bag in the fridge to plant next year. In the meantime the oaks are also showing Oak Galls and there's a photo below of one of our young trees where the galls have formed. Ink has been made from galls since Roman times. A recipe for preparing the ink is as follows:

Take one lb. of bruised galls, one gallon of boiling water, 5½ oz of ferrous sulphate in solution, 3 oz of gum arabic previously dissolved, and a few drops of an anti-septic, such as carbolic acid. Macerate the galls for 24 hours, strain the infusion and add the other ingredients.

Oak Mast.jpg


Anyone want to try to make some Shakespearean ink?



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What's On

Henry V

Showing: 12th Jan 2018 @ 19:00

Following a brilliant summer run - "imaginative, energetic and skilful"- this is a real treat for the new year. Willow Globe Company return with another fresh, fun and clear telling of an ever more

The 2017 Season......

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'I would like to thank you on behalf of our group for giving us such an entertaining evening at Broneirion. Everyone really enjoyed it and several of us said that we wished you had been our English Lit. teacher at school. We wished we could have done more.' 

 Comment from Broneirion workshop


"Perhaps Britain's most enchanting outdoor drama experience"

The SundayTimes 


'That was one of the best evenings in the theatre we have ever spent. 
As ever theatmosphere demands that fun happens but this was a stellar
ensemble performance. It was also a brilliant lesson in the ways in
which impeccably delivered lines provide audiences with all the
comprehension they need'

Audience reaction to The Tempest 2017